Essential Summer Care Tips for Pets

Essential Summer Care Tips for Pets

When it comes to taking care of our furry friends we don't wanna let any stone unturned to keep them comfortable and safe in all seasons. The summer is already on the peak and the bustling cities are getting more and more heated up as time goes by. This means higher probable exposure to skin diseases,ear infections and heat strokes.  Our experts have curated a list that contains a few tips to take care of our beloved pets in summer. Before we get into what precautions that are to be taken let's first get a gist of what are the risks:-


  • Overheating
  • Sunburn
  • Dehydration
  • Heat stroke


The main reason for concern arises as pets cannot sweat like humans and thus there are more chances of their body getting overheated. To avoid this situation you have to keep a few things in mind.

 How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Hydration and Shade are the best friends in summer
   Dehydration is one of the common issues that arises in summer. Cats and dogs are prone to get much thirstier than their hoomans and thus it is always recommended that you replenish their bowls even more regularly with fresh water in this season. While on a walk always carry a water bottle for your pet. It is also advised that shifting to wet foods in summer will be beneficial as the fluid intake increases.
Suncream is a must !
 When its time to go out,applying suncreen is a mandatory step that we take. It prevents the farmful rays of the sun to affect the underlying tissues of the skin. Your pets also require this protective layer. But make sure to apply only the suncream that is specifically designed for your pets. You can take suggestions from your vet as to which suncream to choose for your fur baby.
Keep the walk time fixed
 In summers it's usually very hot in the afternoons so it is advisable that you take your pup on a walk during the evening or early in the morning.
Make sure to keep an eye on the paws
 What happens during extreme heat is the roads get pretty heated up and might cause burns when ur pet is walking on them. You can spray your pet's body with water and be sure to spray it on their paws too. If you don't find time in the morning or evening for a walk you can opt for doggy boots.
No shave summer
 It might sound odd as most of the pet parents tend to shave their pets fur in summers as it is very hot. But nature has its own way their fur are designed to keep them cool in summer and warm during winters. You have to leave atleast an inch of fur on their body to protect them from sunburns also never miss their grooming schedule as it's a must for their hygiene. You can easily make an appointment on call (ph no: 9160153337) for Petfolk's Mobile Grooming service.

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