Our Grooming Services

A cheerful small mixed-breed dog with fur slicked back from grooming is being held by caring human hands, looking directly at the camera with bright eyes and an adorable smile.

Foam wash

It includes shampoo washing and conditioning.

A professional groomer carefully trims the fur of an obedient reddish-brown Shih Tzu dog sitting on a grooming table surrounded by tools and fur clippings in a pet salon setting.


Trimming Face / Tail / Feet and entire body.

 A gentle groomer's hands groom the face and head of a sweet-faced white Bichon Frise dog with gentle eyes, holding it securely during the grooming process in a salon.

Nail clipping

Nail grinding and cleaning.

A scruffy black and gray mixed-breed dog with a cheerful, panting expression gets its long, shaggy fur dried and styled by a groomer using a powerful blower, wearing a red grooming noose around its neck.


Post bath blow dry for cleaning and excess hail removal.

More grooming services...

Three green cross symbols representing medical or health services, with one large cross and two smaller crosses beneath it.

Medical wash

Get medicated shampoo ( FLEA / TICK / ITCHING / INFECTION )

An illustration depicting a hand gesturing towards an open ear, suggesting ear cleaning, hearing aid assistance, or auditory health care.

Ear cleaning

Professional ear cleaning for your pet to ensure optimal health and hygiene.

A cute cartoon illustration of a smiling dog brushing its teeth with a toothbrush, promoting pet dental hygiene.

Teeth brushing

Expert teeth brushing for your pet to maintain a healthy and sparkling smile.

A stylized pink paw print icon, commonly used to represent pet care, veterinary services, or animal-related businesses.

Paw cleaning

Thorough paw cleaning to keep your pet's feet clean and free of dirt.

An illustration of a young girl grooming or caring for a pet dog, promoting responsible pet ownership and animal care.


Relaxing massage therapy to soothe and pamper your pet.

A vector illustration depicting a spray bottle in pink and blue colors, with lines emanating from the nozzle to indicate spraying or misting.

Spray cologne

Refreshing spray cologne to keep your pet smelling delightful.

An illustration showing a hand wearing a disposable glove, rendered in peach tones against a light blue background, suggesting dry cleaning or laundry service concepts.

Dry wash

Fresh up your fur baby without the bath: Dry wash convenience for a clean & happy pet!

 A vector graphic of a wide, rectangular pet grooming brush or comb with a wooden handle and densely packed metal bristles or tines in an orange and maroon color scheme.

Brush out

Revive your pet's luscious coat with our expert brush out service.

A simplified vector illustration of the human kidney anatomy, showing the two bean-shaped reddish-brown renal organs connected by the blue ureter tube and yellowish arteries or vessels, representing the urinary system.

Anal glands cleaning

"Comforting anal gland relief for your pet's well-being."


A smiling young man with glasses and a beard takes a selfie portrait outdoors, surrounded by lush green foliage and wearing a pink polo shirt.

Petfolk did an outstanding job grooming my dog, Bella. The staff were incredibly friendly and professional.Highly recommend their services!

— Shabad Lalchandani

A 3D animation or rendering of a young girl with large, exaggerated features. She has curly red hair, large glasses, and a slightly bewildered expression on her face. She is wearing a tan coat over a shirt and tie, giving her a scholarly or bookish appearance. The style is reminiscent of animated films or video games featuring cartoony, stylized character designs.

Top-Notch Grooming and Care by Petfolk - With Convenient At-Door Service

— Sridevi

 A smiling young woman holding a mug, wearing a striped top, with string lights in the background, likely at a cafe or restaurant.

PetFolk is my top choice for pet grooming. The skilled, caring staff ensures my pets are comfortable and well-cared for, providing an exceptional experience.

— Rosalina D. William

A young man taking a selfie, wearing a polo shirt with a USA logo, in what appears to be a cafe or restaurant setting.

PetFolk is my go-to for grooming my pets. Skilled groomers ensure comfort, with impeccable attention to detail and genuine love for animals. Best grooming experience!

— Agnik ghosh

 Frequently asked questions

How can I book for a grooming session?

Dial our helpline at (+91 91601 53335) to secure your grooming slot.

How can I choose mobile grooming?

The mobile grooming service can be availed by logging on to the Petfolk app and you'll find mobile grooming under services icon.

Should I stay at home during the grooming session?

It is not necessary for you to stay at home during the grooming. In fact , we recommend you not to stay in the same room because your pet might be distracted by you.

How early do I have to book grooming session?

Booking needs to happen 24 hours before grooming session

How old should my pet be to avail the grooming services?

It is advisable to get your pet groomed only after the second round of shots. The first grooming session should be approximately before 16 weeks of age.